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We help healthcare professionals save time, prevent mistakes and create efficiency in their surgical workflows with modern solutions.

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By offering high-end modern solutions for everyday surgical tasks, everything gets easier. Easier means saving time, less chance of mistakes and less time spend on repetitive tasks while at the same time saving costs.

Founded in 2015 in the Netherlands, we are not only a technology company, we're also a service company. e-medis is run by people who have been active in the medical disposable sector for a long time and have a lot of product and process knowledge. This way we can also offer detailed personalised advice about your sets and help you save time and costs. We know how to ask the right questions to find a fitting personalised solution for your unique needs.

Careful and extensive study has gone into curating and selecting the available products in the configurator. Our criteria:

  • We only select the very best high-end products that are suitable for medical purposes;
  • The products must be quickly available at competutive prices;
  • We demand full transparency in the supply chain so we know what we sell.

By combining all that knowledge with strict guidelines and modern solutions, e-medis has grown to become a distributor with a world wide network.

Make your workflow efficient and fully personalised with e-medis.

100% free to try out without commitment: completing the configurating does not commit you to anything. You can always back out.

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