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instrument drapes

Wrapping sheets & table covers

Select your prefered sterile disposable wrapping sheets and table covers.

More info about wrapping sheets & table covers

Contains two layers: impermeable PE underlayer with an absorption toplayer.

Impermeable PE foil. Impermeable to moisture and micro-organisms.

Available materials are SOFT, T1 and Viscose Duplex depending on the thickness and absorption wanted.

Suggestion: Add an extra one to your set to create an extra sterile field, for example when mixing bone substitutes.

Wear-resistant and lint-free.

Also suitable as a hygienic cover when mixing underfills, cement or when preparing to take impressions.

Protects the worktrays in the treatment room against unwanted soiling.

Available in different sizes, so it can be used for the standard tray or the floating table.

Conforms to EN13795 standards.

Wrapping sheet / Tablecover drape

Suggested material SOFT, 2 layer

Extra drapes

Material T1, 2 layer higher absorbency

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